Monday, August 15, 2005

Smelly Fingers


Originally uploaded by ryanmshea.

So last week I pickled up my first batch of peppers, proving that something productive would come from that garden regardless of what mr. tomato had to say about it. One of the ingredients in my jar-o-fun is a chopped up garlic clove. Garlic is some pretty strong stuff, and needless to say it'll make your hands smell a bit like garlic, even after washing. Little did I know that this smell would persist the entire week. I found myself making extra trips to the bathroom to scrub my hands in hopes of once and for all ridding myself of the stale garlic smell. On Saturday, just as the smell was finally fading beyond noticibility, it was time again to do more canning. Again, I chopped up the garlic and smellified my fingers, but this time I was determined to rid myself of the stank. I made up a little cup of bleach and hot hot water and rubbed it all over my hands, scrubbing away at every nook and cranny. Then after a normal hand washing (ok, maybe 5 of them) I emerged victorious. My chapped feeling hands had no detectable garlic scent. Well, today, the smell is back. I give up.