Friday, August 19, 2005


I woke up this morning optimistic and somewhat excited, and now I'm bummed with a slight afertaste of hopelessness. Today I failed the test to recertify my CCNA. This is the sixth industry certification test I've taken, and the first one I have failed. A few years ago I passed the test with less studying and certainly less knowledge and experience. To be honest, I don't feel my problem is knowledge of the material. I have poor reading comprehension and I read slowly. When given questions that I know are designed to trick me, I slowly read the questions many times to ensure that I understand. This timed test has questions in many different formats, from true/false to detailed scenarios with router or switch simulations. I found early on in the test that I would not be able to read the questions enough times to truly comprehend while still having time to finish the test. I rushed through the exam with "pretty sure" rather than "certain" being my new threshold to move onto the next bastard of a question. All the while a little timer ticks away in the corner - tick, tick, tick. I ended up with around 10 questions left with just a couple minutes to finish and just randomly clicked on things in the off chance I would get one of those right. In the end I got a 792 out of a needed 849. I loose. Do not pass go, thanks for your $120. I felt rather focused when I took the test, and I think I was going about as fast as I could so I'm not so sure what the outcome of the next test will be. At this point I'm just thinking that I need to hope for different questions, different luck, or a brain transplant. Is it possible to re-train your brain to have more focus and to read in a completely new and more efficient way when you are 28-years-old?