Thursday, January 4, 2007

French or Freedom, Doesn't Matter

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In 2005 my new year's resolution was to write no checks for the entire year. I did it and was somewhat pleased with myself - mostly because of my wholesale hatred of checks and the absurdness of the resolution. Continuing on the trend of somewhat difficult and completely absurd resolutions I've decided to swear off fries for 2007. Unfortunately this time I do not have a hatred of fries. I actually like them quite a bit, especially the Burger King fries because you can eat them without gagging when they get cold. Wow, that picture of fries looks really good. Anyway, I think I can do it. Oh, that includes waffle or steak fries - but not onion rings.

To up the ante a bit, and to keep the fries from being lonely, I am going to swear off soda for the year. That's right, no pop. One slight modification to that however is that if I somehow have a mixed adult beverage with soda in it, like a long island iced tea or a seven and seven that would be okay. I'm making up the resolution so I can put in loopholes ahead of time.

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