Thursday, July 28, 2005

cat /dev/random

So my enormous yet nearly barren tomato plant fell under its own weight last night with a little help from the storm. Yes, there were pepper casualties. I am not a fan of that plant. I tied it up to the fence so at least it'll stay up for the time being, but I am seriously thinking about chopping it down.

Stacey found a cool wedding web page, which inspired me to fix up a bit. I'm open to suggestions on how to make it better. The next changes will be a countdown to the date, fixing the ugly-ass wiki, adding a "add to your outlook calendar" vcf file, and possibly putting some goofy ryan & stacey pictures up there.

I've been meaning to put together a randomly changing image for the header of this page, but I haven't found an easy way to generate them quite yet. I really need to get on the ImageMagick bandwagon.

CCNA test coming soon. Study study study.

I got a Athlon 3200+ laptop. It's pretty nice - running Ubuntu and yes, Windows. It's nice to have a Windows machine so I can play with picassa, google earth, and google video. It's also funny to see how friggin whack Windows is.
  • programs crash

  • the three finger salute is a mainstay

  • randomly windows will redraw... or not

  • some options just plain don't work (show network icon in system tray when not connected)

  • there are like 1000 annoying things in the system tray by default

  • they don't include a good unzip program, dvd player, pdf viewer, or good browser by default

  • the friggin system tray pops up with all sorts of bubble things that probably everyone ignores (ie "You are connected to the network", "Things are fun", "I like cheese")

  • Conversely Ubuntu comes with a good browser, a bittorrent client, pdf viewer, photoshop equivalent, office suite, and photo managment software. Unfortunately patent encumbered things like multimedia (mp3, css encrypted DVDs) , proprietary software (Java, Flash, ATI Video Drivers), and ACPI (hibernate, suspend) are a bit on the hurrrrting side.

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    1. aw, i'm sorry to hear mr. mutant tomato plant fell over. maybe too many cardinals were sheltering from the storm on it.

      i can't take credit for the finding the cool page, though... it's from our very own newly-engaged erik and lindsay (without the webpage) via wayland that i heard about it.

      would you like some buttons? too bad that bubble doesn't pop up on windows. that would at least be more entertaining.