Monday, April 4, 2005

Squeaky Wheel

As I walked around the corner and out of the doorless bathroom, I wondered why I was forced to take the prescribed amount of soap from the automatic soap dispenser, wondered why I needed to use freezing cold water to wash my hands, wondered why half of the urinals still had pee in them because of malfunctioning IR sensors, wondered why I had to wave my arms around like a madman to get a paper towel. Then I went and got on a 15-year-old airplane, where people have continually wiped their boogers, puked, and farted in the seats. Good thing I didn't have to touch a soap dispenser. Damn good thing.


  1. actually, if you're talking about the detroit airport we so happily spent three hours in yesterday, i think if you held your hand under the soap dispenser it would just keep dispensing. at least, that's what it seemed like to me, but maybe it just went on longer than i thought it would. i gave up on the automatic paper towel dispenser because it flat out didn't work. i couldn't even find the "emergency" dispensing wheely thing, so i had to switch to the also automatic air dryer, but at least that worked. oy.

  2. I admin, I do not 100% wash my hands when I am at home after using the bathroom, but when I am out of the house I do. Then I feel the need to use a paper towel to open the door to leave the bathroom, I hold the door open with my foot, then reach back in and throw the paper towel away.

    Just the though of how many people leave the restrooms at work without watching their hands. They even do it when you walk in and they see you...don't they think about someone seeing them not washing?


  3. Yes, Detroit - rock city. But most high-volume public restrooms seem to be going this way thanks to the all-too-common social pressure that Scott has.

    Scott, just to get to the bottom of all this - to understand - what is the "grossness" all about? Are you primarily concerned with urea, fecal particles, or coliform bacteria? Does your junx have less bacteria than my junx? Is dog pee and poo clean? Do you freak out if someone farts, knowing that thousands of poopy micro-particles are flying through the air and into your body? Is the airplane seat disgusting?


    This MSNBC article is kinda funny. A microbiologist says that there is 400 times more bacteria on an average desktop than a toilet seat.