Tuesday, April 5, 2005

Microsoft Word

Mostly I use Microsoft Word to view documents created by others. Why on earth does it always tell me that I have made chages and asks me if I would like to save them. Microsoft should change the message to avoid frustration. Here is my suggestion:
Hi, you have opened a Microsoft Word Document. We're going to ask you to save your work alot since people get pissed and dislike our product if we don't. We will even ask you to save your work when you've changed nothing, mainly because we hate you Ryan


  1. That always pisses me off too. Next time I'm talking to MS for work I'm going to ask them. I doubt I'll get a good answer though.

  2. You know, I don't think it will ask you to change your work if you just open a document that is on your harddrive. If you click on the document anywhere, then it might otherwise I dont think it does.

    Also, if you open a document from email or from online, it knows its not on your harddrive and wants to know if you want to save it there.

    I THINK that is how they look at it. But who knows what MS thinks....

  3. I've actually noticed this same phenomenon in OpenOffice. I think you may be right about clicking on the document. Unfortunately there is not just a Word viewer for OS X. I could just try Abiword or Pages for reading my documents, but honestly I've been only using Linux lately at work.

  4. That's quite annoying. Reminds me of when I create an Illustrator document, work on it, then save my work, then hit print and try to quit. For some reason it prompts me to save my work again. But how would just printing a document change it? Strange huh? Anyway, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.