Friday, February 25, 2011

Phone Experment

Imagine if you went through your address book and tried to call everyone. Some would answer, some would not, the rest would just not work because of an incorrect number or some other problem. I would expect that if I did this the "answer" rate would be spectacularly low. How might this rate compare to five, ten, twenty years ago? If those calls in the "no answer" bucket could be broken down into categories as well, like phone did not ring, left phone on vibrate, dropped call, etc I think this would be interesting as well. Over the last half-decade I would guess that responses to text messages have had a healthy dose of acceleration. Has it become more difficult to directly interrupt people over time? Has it gotten easier? Or... are we just better at managing our attention, using different communication types for different urgency levels? I would guess that phone calls have been dropping like a rock in our queuing strategies.

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