Wednesday, February 6, 2008

dotmac, not .Mac


Apple has a service called .mac that fanboys love and unwitting consumers are convinced to buy when they buy a new mac. To me, I've never thought of buying this $100/year service that includes a email address, 10GB of web storage cutely named iDisk, web hosting, and some synchronization and backup tools. I've got an email and web server / webdav server already, and $100/year seems like a lot of bread for some sync capabilities. They also have something called Back to My Mac which is effectively just VNC access to your home machine without having to forward a port through your home firewall.

There is a great young project out there appropriately named Dotmac for folks with their own server that don't mind fighting through some incomplete documentation. $0/year is a good price for those sync features I'd say. I've got it running and I am pretty impressed. It is running happily on my home server and just works. Stacey and I have a nice shared address book now and I've got backups for things like my keychain, calendars, and dashboard widgets. Not too shabby.

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