Sunday, January 6, 2008

Just a Phone?


Imagine if you will a mobile handset that is truly only a phone. Really just a phone - no camera, it cannot play movies or MP3s, and the ringtones are horrid. Motorola has targeted low-end market with their Motofone F3. Our carriers select their phone roster based on what will entice underinformed buyers to jump carriers. If phone users actually had to shell out the up front cash for a phone rather than relying on carrier subsidies I bet we'd have a wide range of phones that do exactly what people want. That said, this Motorola phone is what I want. With a focus on emerging markets like Brazil and India Motorola has created a phone with no bloat. Its battery lasts a couple weeks on standby, the reception is great, has very good call quality, and the kicker is that mine weighed in at $42 after shipping - unlocked and without any contract of course. The screen uses eInk technology rather than a traditional LCD. This means it is easy to read in the direct sunlight and uses no power unless it is changing. There will be no splashing dolphin screen saver for this phone, just a 1983 calculator feel. I just got this bad boy this weekend, but after seeing how much better the reception is at my parents house I am already impressed. The only place to get this phone is the Internet, as Motorola does not distribute it in the US or Canada. If you are afflicted with bouts of rage from a Windows Mobile "SmartPhone", I'd recommend picking up an a phone that is a phone like the F3.

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