Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Sorry Kid

As I rounded out my quarter-century on this earth (the year you can rent a car without an underage fee) I thought I had reached the last landmark year until I became a senior citizen. For better or worse, I was mistaken.

This product over here --> is household goop. I've been a user and promoter of this product for a long time. As far as I can tell, all varieties of "goop", whether it be household or plumbing flavor are exactly the same. My familiarity however goes back to when it was called "Shoe Goo" and sold at your local Foot Locker or Athletes Foot right next to the shoe shine kit. As a skateboarder this product continues to provide an affordable alternative to bi-weekly shoe purchases.

This weekend Stacey and I were at our local Target and I picked up some goop. As the cashier scanned my sole (no pun intended) item she told me that she would need to see my ID. I opened my wallet and started to... hey, wait a minute. Why would she need to see my ID for a cash purchase of friggin Shoe Goo! She explained to me that she could not sell it to me unless she saw my ID and then pointed to the screen. Apparently I need to be 40 years old to purchase this item. She asked a fellow cashier who told her to push the function button to get past that screen - but she was having none of that - and I was having none of this ID showing. Problem solved of course when the manager came over and pressed the function key.

There are a couple interesting points to be made here. I suppose that this was flagged for its potential use as an inhalant - I get that. Here's the thing though, I think this tube cost almost $4. I could buy two gallons of gas - three cans of whipped cream - probably a box-load of model glue for my $4. Why would an honest hard-working inhalant junkie such as myself choose to purchase Shoe Goo to support my habit. It makes no sense. I saw that movie Love Liza with Philip Seymour Hoffman. Some folks just dig on the sniffin' - but I'm not quite sure targeting 18-40 year old Goop purchasers really is going to solve this serious epidemic.

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