Saturday, February 17, 2007

MacFuse - everything looks like a file system

Ok, so you go to your Documents folder on your mac. There you put all your fun Word documents. You are familiar with moving around and organizing your files into folders, then opening with Word. Maybe you've seen Google docs, but it didn't matter to you since you like to deal with your documents the way you're accustomed. Enter MacFuse and DocFS. Now you can have a folder on your Mac that is sort of like a little portal into Google docs. Double click, create new files, delete files, open in Word - the difference is that when you're at work or a friend's house now you can get to your docs on Google. Free and easy backup.

So you have all these pictures that you organize into a folder structure and thats how you like to work with them. Picassa web and Flickr are just confusing. Enter PicassawebFS and Fuse.

RSS Feeds as a file system. Gmail as a file system. An LDAP directory as a file system. Anything as a file system. That's what FUSE is all about. This is seriously badass and Google has released this early version of FUSE for the Mac (which has been popular on Linux for a year or two).

Watch this video and become one with MacFuse.

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