Monday, May 22, 2006

Hawaii is Purty

Hey, did you hear? Stacey and I are married now. Check out for links to content from our Hawaii trip. There is so much to say about Hawaii and all its amazing beauty that I don't know where to start. Of course just getting married and being on your honeymoon is an experience I won't soon forget. However to augment my often hazy memory I have posted a bunch of pictures on flickr for all to see and comment on. Ask questions... I'll answer. More pictures will be coming over the course of the next week or so, but enjoy what's out there. Here are a few videos from our trip that I posted on youtube... didn't know where else to put them. Appologies for the drive-by posting without much detail, but I'm going to try to put more and more details onto the flickr pictures to so we can share all the beauty of Hawaii with everyone.


  1. Congradulations to both of you on that marriage thing! Didn't realize you still had a website up.

  2. But of course. I'm not sure if I will keep the domain or free it up for another lucky Ryan and Stacey out there. Something tells me though if I give it up some company will snatch it up.

  3. Like that Jim Henson guy that sticks his hands up muppets asses?