Monday, August 29, 2005

Screw the CCNA.

So I kicked the crap out of the CCNA today with a 961 out of 1000. After getting over my initial excitement, I'm realizing that it doesn't make me happier about the test. Although over the last week I have studied mundane trivia like ISDN reference points and default LMI settings, the real work I did was in figuring out the "tricks" that Cisco typically puts in their questions so I could more quickly focus in on the answers. Time was my Achilles heel when I took the test last, so that's how I trained. I also became uber decimal-to-binary man, a skill likely to be useful at dinner parties for years to come. I realize that testing for an industry certification needs to be difficult in order to preserve the potency of the cert - but this is just absurd. It is an associate level certification that resorts to trivia and trickery to keep the failure rate high. If people keep passing based on brain dumps then perhaps adding many more questions to the pool is the solution, but defunct protocols and word gymnastics suck.