Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Free Content

Podcasting, fan films, video blogging, flickr, creative commons licensed books, google video, del.icio.us, garageband.com, telltale weekly, openclipart. Like free software, could gratis entertainment be provided by talented individuals? In a world of high-speed internet connections, cheap hosting, and near-zero production costs (beyond blood, sweat, and tears), could passion displace the need for capital? Commercial interest may soon fear the new competition, freely available customized content. Check out the production quality of Star Wars Revalations - kooky. A new version of the iPodderX podcatching client is out, touting fancy-schmancy new features like video blogging subscriptions (like a TiVo season pass), text-to-speech and into your iPod (who wants to read washingtonpost.com anyway), and advanced space management (again, a la TiVo). For some public radio stations podcasts are available. BBC, TV Guide, NBC, CBS - they're all starting to do this. The next version of iTunes, which some of you may have heard of, will have podcasting capabilities. The world of viable free content is upon us.