Tuesday, May 10, 2005

A Flashy Call for Assistance

Tom hooked me up with an Entone (go Entone) usb thumb drive. So many people have used these for so long, but somehow I just missed the boat. It was never something worth paying money for, but when it's free all of a sudden it becomes great. With all computers having some sort of USB and the FAT file system having read/write functionality on ALL operating systems now we have a more appropriate solution for what the floppy drive used to do.
USB Flash Reader
Although this flash thing is great, I need some assitance from someone out there. I'm looking for a USB compact flash reader of some sort. I've been wasting time trying to use my camera as a compact flash drive on OS X, Windows, Fedora Core 2, and now Ubuntu. All I want to do is upgrade my version of m0n0wall without having to buy a $20 device. Yeah, I know, I'm a cheap bastard and I've probably wasted more than $20 of my time. Sometimes I'm pennywise and pound foolish I guess.

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  1. Yo I gots one. Hit me up on Saturday, yo.