Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Congress Attempts to Preserve Market Share of IE on Windows


Instead of working on effectual legislation, our carefully elected representatives in Congress are working hard to pass the "I-Spy" and "Spy ACT". In the shadow of the truely useless CAN-SPAM act, they felt the need to further blow perceptual smoke-rings at the American public. Could it be that broken software and protocols cannot be fixed via the allpowerful hand of bloated legislation? Well, on the tough campaign trail your district 6 representative can hold his head high, knowing that he is "fighting" for the issues important to you! In reality this will effect nobody (maybe Wayland since he loves the IE and Windows).

I find it hillarious that our judicial branch prosecutes Microsoft for being proprietary, while our legislative branch passes laws which SPECIFICALLY are aimed at helping this proprietary model. Will this law help me as a Linux, Mac, or BeOS user? Is spyware a problem on PalmOS or Symbian? Spyware exists because Microsoft has chosen to let it exist. Thats not to say that they like spyware; I'm just saying that the "ease of use" that comes with giving normal users super-user access is a greater good for them than security. From what I hear this focus will change with Longhorn - but for now congress is happy to pretend to do something useful. Thanks guys.