Wednesday, February 23, 2005

New Look & Mac Mini

Sooo sick of the muppethouse look and feel. I think I'm going to be changing the entire site to be managed by the new Wordpress 1.5 engine. This is a customized version of the kubrik theme - I sorta like it, but there are things I'm not pleased about (don't use a large font right now or you'll regret it). For better or for worse I've had to learn cascading style sheets rather than just hacking them until it works. The flickr migration is going well, but I've got tons and tons of pictures to migrate. Flickr has also been pretty slow lately which is a bit of a bummer. I heard rumors that google may be trying to buy flickr? Could it be?

Oh yeah. I got Stacey a Mac Mini... it's pretty sweet. I opened the thing up before ever turning it on to upgrade the memory - which was no cake walk. I had to resist all my temptations to set it up the "right way" and let her configure the thing herself. That's hard for me to do.


  1. I like the new style, it's nice and clean. The other muppethouse style was good, but it was kinda dark - halloweeny. Which is great for the winter months, but I like the new feel to the site. It puts me in a good mood. :)

  2. I agree the new theme is a much happier theme.

    What did you use as a monitor for the Mini?

  3. Actually the monitor that Stacey has is quite sad. It's about a 7-year-old 15" monitor that has visibly become more fuzzy over the past couple years. I'm looking for a better (free) solution as we speak. Space is a bit of a concern but a reasonable 17" CRT should be possible.

  4. F'ing fantastic new look and feel for the Muppethouse for Zap 5 --- love it.