Thursday, December 9, 2004

Proud Electrician

Although this may sound trivial, I'm pretty proud of my latest project. Although I have hooked up basic ceiling lights and installed X10 light switches, I've never really done any AC wiring. In the new house the basement "closet" is the area under the stairs. Even though I installed some closet rods, it is still sorta just the dark underside of the stairs. So I thought I would install an outlet, light switch, and a light fixture. I bought all the supplies at lowes which cost next-to-nothing. The only problem was I had no clue what I was doing. Having been electrocuted before during an X10 switch install, I was a little fearful of messing with wiring. However, I fought through the nervousness, drilled some holes, and tacked up some new wiring. I stripped wires, attached ground lines - still having no idea what I was doing. I just plugged things in based on what seemed to make the most sense. This morning I finally tied my little project into the main wiring - half expecting an explosion. To my pleasant surprise everything worked. I did it right somehow. Awesome.

Next project - reflux distilling. Remember that moonshine thing you printed out for me a couple years ago David? It will eventually become a reality.


  1. Congrats on the electrical luck/knowledge. Did you really just sorta guess how to do it? Thinking i would have checked some sites online or one of my silly "do anything" books before hopping in, but i guess you had some experience with the x10 guys.

    When you make your moonshine you should call it "Sunshine" on the label.

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