Wednesday, November 3, 2004

always breakin'

When your prized posessions break, get lost, or are stolen it can be gutwrenching. Just recently I had a 120GB hard drive die, bent the pins on my cell phone that allowed me to charge it, had spotty success with the wireless connection on my laptop, lost my little cell phone flashlight thingy, and today - the worst tragedy of all - I smashed my iPod. The snap on my laptop bag came apart, which let gravity do what it does best. My noble iPod put it's life on the line to save my happy laptop. Let us all take a moment to remember the good times that we've had with my iPod... the laughs, the late moonlit nights down by the river, the long car rides. Ok, maybe that's just me.

To balance things out, my TiVo has been plugging along for four years, my car is relatively problem free, the lamp in my projector has lasted over 2500 hours on a 1000 hour bulb, and Stacey hasn't dumped me yet despite my idiosyncrasies.