Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Pictures and OPML

There is this thing called OPML. It's basically just a text file - like the bookmarks on your browser. It contains a list of RSS feeds that you read in your news reader. I know Stacey would be bored by this, but I'm getting quite interested by the idea of a news reader. I'm sure we all go out to about 300 web pages every day... plowing through comments in blogs, reading Slashdot updates, becoming one with the Washington post. You spend a long time typing, clicking, avoiding ads - this is all solvable with RSS/Atom and a news reader. I haven't really decided on one reader for myself, but I was thinking I would share my OPML list for all to enjoy. We keep discovering that friends have blogs - Sean, Kelly. I'll create one for the power and glory of the masses.

Anyway, I posted pictures from Old Rag and Suzie's pumpkin pickin' bash. Please enjoy.

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  1. Looks like I missed you at Old Rag by a week!