Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Muppethouse Press Release

On September 28, 2004 Muppethouse, a value added reseller of no goods and no services for no particular industry, released to the public it's new and innovative way to do the most useless thing ever - change the Muppethouse logo on the fly. Although this product is devoid of any qualitative property, Muppethouse girlfriend Stacey Boardman stated it best by giving it an unenthusiastic "wow".

Muppethouse recently met revenue expectations of leading industry analysts, earning an EBITA of $0.00 Million in the second quarter of 2004. Muppethouse Chief Officer Chief Officer Chief Officer Ryan Shea stated, "Time and again Muppethouse has met its lofty fiscal goals, and with the continuous addition of nearly valueless products to our array of goods and services we will outperform all of those busted-ass dotcom companies of yesteryear".

Other lackluster improvements this week include an amazingly confusing and wasteful style-sheet (but at least I use the same sheet for everything now) and Squirrelmail plugin development testing (see the iCal link in the webmail). On the mild procrastination list has been the development of a proper SQL query to migrate all old LiveJournal postings.