Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Rules

So the idea is that media isn't going to be produced for free (as in free lunch - not freedom). In the US we grant automatic copyright to content creators, granting them the right to decide how their intellectual property can be used. Large corporations like the network television stations, the corporations of the MPAA and RIAA often hold the copyright on most of the popular content that the American public digests on a daily basis. For the most part, we understand the rules. I just thought I'd list them out.

  • It's okay to import your CDs into iTunes, then carry the songs around on your iPod

  • It's not okay to turn those songs into ringtones - you need to pay for that

  • It's okay to play those songs over a college radio station

  • It's okay to buy songs off iTunes or another music service, but if you lose them you don't get to download them again even though you paid for it

  • It's not okay to lend your CD to a friend and let them import it into iTunes

  • It's okay to play your CD at a party - where people who didn't pay for the music can hear it

  • It's not okay to rip a DVD to your computer or import that into iTunes

  • If you want to watch that movie on your iPod, PSP, or XBOX 360 then you need to buy the content again... duh

  • It's not okay to back up a copy of your DVDs - even if you have kids and they scratch all the DVDs you own

  • It's okay to use a VCR to tape American Idol, then hand the tape to your mom so she can see it

  • It's not okay to take American Idol and send it to your mom using "peer-to-peer" software

  • It's okay to reinstall Windows XP on the computer I bought from Dell

  • If I change the video card and motherboard on that computer - then it's officially not the same computer and I need to buy another copy of Windows XP

Boy, they sure look funny when the rules are listed out. It is only getting worse folks.

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