Friday, August 31, 2007

iPhoto '08 Still Sucks

iphoto memory leak
Yeah, it's still unusable and I am officially looking for an alternative after maybe six years of using iPhoto for all my photo management needs. If I want to stick with the mac, I'm thinking that Aperture is my only real alternative. I don't believe the integration with the iPod, iMovie, and iDVD works the same way with Aperture though which is a bummer - not to mention the price tag. I tried out f-spot on Ubuntu Linux and although it's a little more light on features, it does nearly everything I'd like to do. Of course, picassa from google is one possibility, but easy uploading to flickr is a requirement for me.

I've gone through the obvious steps to try and breathe life back into iPhoto. I've blown away all my preferences. I've repaired permissions. I've even done the super secret command-option start and had iPhoto rebuild the entire library and all thumbnails. I've got a somewhat big iPhoto library - almost 10,000 pictures, but should that really matter? I store my library on an external HFS+ formatted firewire 7200rpm drive... could that be a problem? I have maybe 100 albums. These all seem reasonable to me.

On the plus side, I actually can run iPhoto now. It still locks up my computer, takes gigabytes of memory, and crashes constantly (I have been able to work with it for almost 15 minutes before a crash though). Poop. I tried just opening iPhoto and patiently watching Activity Monitor. The real memory usage eventually grows to over 1.5GB and the virtual memory creeps to over 2.5GB and iPhoto just crashes hard. Under disk activity I see 6MB/sec being written pretty consistently - which seems to correlate with the virtual memory creep I suppose.

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