Tuesday, March 8, 2005

m0n0wall, Ubuntu, & Pergo

flooring sucks
After the sheet vinyl flooring disaster in my kitchen, the subsequent commercial vinyl flooring project, and now the Pergo project at Stacey's place, I hope to be done with flooring for a good long while.

I'll state the obvious: I get obsessed with dorky things for rather limited amounts of time, then move on to newer, more interesting projects. I have been playing around with Ubuntu Linux lately. Although I've always been a Red Hat guy, the Debian side of the fence is not without its charm. I'm still ramping up, but I'm quite pleased with Ubuntu's performance on the craptop work gave me, as well as on my work PC. Also, I've migrated my home network off of the Xincom dual-wan router I had and over to the Soekris Net4501. M0n0wall has been running on that thing for quite a while acting as my wireless access point, but now that I'm reducing devices I am beginning to see how powerful m0n0wall is. I'm trying to figure out the PPTP server that is built in, but have had only limited success so far. Anyone else out there have a fun technology to share?

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  1. I used monowall before, however I could not get it to load without having a floppy in the drive so I said screw it. I liked it a lot at the time and would use it again if I could figure out how to use it right.

    By the way your Ubuntu Linux link doesnt work. It goes to :

    What is this dual wan router? Can you use it with dual internet connections? If so, can you use it with a Cable and another Wireless connection?