Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Everyone else seemed to be writing, so I didn't have much of a choice - I have to write. This will simply be random thoughts. I wonder if Bill Gates is good at HALO or if he dislikes playing first-person shooter games like me. The mac mini appears to rock the hizouse. Today, as predicted, guides were posted on selected sites to show how to open the thing - so if the idea is to keep things cheap, buy your memory at Crucial. I think everyone should watch both the MacWorld keynote by Steve Jobs, and the CES keynote by Bill Gates. Products aside, the Apple keynote was much more polished. Good thing Conan O'Brien is funny as hell or else the CES would have been unwatchable. I've been finally getting around to wiring up some lights for my closet, kinda boring, but it's my second AC wiring project, it's cheap, and it's useful. I may be done tonight if I don't end up praying to the porcelin god. My stomach is twisting and turning. I ate at the Buffalo Wing Factory last night, and maybe it's unrelated, but I'm all kinds of urpy now. Yuck. Asterisk will take over the world, I don't know how, but it will... go SIP.


  1. i didn't know conan spoke at the ces keynote.... i would've pegged him as more of a mac kind of guy.

  2. Last night I told Suzie and Kelly the story about when you ate the super hot wings from Buffalo wing factory and then went to the bathroom...definetley a crowd pleaser.

  3. Yo, don't know if you are thinking about a MINImac but if you do, or get one, give me a buzz, I would love to come check it out!

    Hope life is rockin man, dont see u on IM much.