Wednesday, January 5, 2005

The Check is in the Mail

I am not fond of checks. For this reason my 2004 new years resolution was to refuse to pay with checks. 2005 is here and I still have not written a personal check in over a year. There were a few rough spots related to buying my new house where I had to go against the grain, but outside of that my check-free life has been working out well. I have accomplished this goal, but why? What difference did it make? I have no friggin idea.

2005 I believe will be the year of "QUIT H8N" as the license plate at Stacey's condo so eloquently states. Empathy, understanding, and effective communication are areas I would like to focus on for self-improvement in '05. This is not quite as easy to rate come next year as check writing - but I'll just have to subjectively evaluate myself as I go.