Monday, September 13, 2004


Well, I got Wordpress up and running - not much of a challenge compared to LiveJournal. I'm working on getting all the old posts back up. If I know you and you want to get back to the blogging, create an account and go for it. I'm tired.


  1. What happened? So we have to start all over with the journals again?

  2. The server that the journals lived on died a horid death - that's what happens when you have a "budget" server like I had. The "Muppethouse" empire consisted of two servers, one in Reston and one in Dallas. The new fancy server with 24x7 support and a software subscription to the Red Hat Network is the Dallas one and I pay $90/month for that. With the old server in Reston, nobody wanted to donate much money , so I took some money out of my poket and built the cheapest 1U rackmount server known to man, the consequence is that it's terribly unreliable. Ghetto server died, and I have been mooching bandwidth off this guy named Rogers for FAR too long. I now only have one server. I'm working on a solution for a new backup server. Of course I have all the journal data - all the comments and everything. Here is the deal - kinda like a choose your own adventure:

    Door #1

    Spend a half dozen hours getting LiveJournal running again on the fancy new server in Dallas. Keep in mind that I hate the LiveJournal software and would rather use WordPress. This would restore all the fun and happy comments and posts. Then worry about the migration to WordPress in phase 2.

    Door #2

    Just put up WordPress now and worry about the migrating things as time goes on. Don't worry about getting LiveJournal up and running.

    I'm thinking that Door #2 looks a lot better right now, but a paypal donation could make door number 1 look a lot better.