Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Shamed by the Beauty

I'm jealous of the Ultrasupergenius blog. I can't figure out these style sheet thingies. Maybe that's why muppethouse.com is ugly. I'm finally getting there with the new blog stuff. As of tonight the old journal server is in my possession, up and running, and hiding happily at my house behind my firewall. Once I can tunnel a connection through I will be able to hopefully migrate the old entries over. I'm learning about all kinds of cool weblog things like trackback, pingback, and blogrolling. Who knows what it all means, but it sure is fun. To build on the dorkosity of the weblog, Firefox now has "Live Bookmarks" which basically lets you click on a little RSS icon in the status bar that'll add a RSS feed reader into your bookmark bar - pretty cool. The fun doesn't stop there. Thunderbird now lets you subscribe to RSS feeds like they were email messages. Now I can see my Craig's List mailbox, and my Crispy Sucks mailbox all in one fun place. The joy of technology. I'm still working on getting a good aggregator together for all these journals - not sure i want to use what I already have set up.


  1. Please tell me why I amuse you so much to have a "Crispy Sucks" mailbox?