Friday, September 24, 2010

Great OS or Greatest OS

me: good idea, I see a virtual machine in your future
Chris: haha
me: try the Windows 7, it's the best version of Windows ever
(love those superlatives)
Chris: windows7: "Great OS?" or "Greatest OS?"
me: Greatest OS for embedded applications, like controlling the robotics in a sanitation authority or running a power grid or banking system
Chris: haha
banking systems
now you made me sad.
me: I'll only use ATMs which use Windows 7 because I care about security
and they have address space layout randomization, which means secure
and the no execute bit
Chris: ha
me: and Microsoft Security Essentials - which has a solid chance of catching 52% of known viruses
Chris: how can you tell?
52% that's like casino odds!
and ... I take my mortgage into both!
me: *small print: 98% of actively exploited viruses are unknown
yeah, but what are you gonna run besides Windows... OS2/Warp, yeah right
Chris: it'd be funny to put some/all of this sort of commentary on a blog... srsly
me: it's Windows or nothing... hey cool, I can run world of warcraft on this ATM

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