Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Some Less Impressive Scripts

Ok, so most of the scripts I have are of the disposable variety. Someone may still find them useful.

Here is one that loops through the tacacs+ config file for folks whose password is going to expire soon, then sends out an email to them telling them to update their password. This is generic and could be used for your blossoming spam business I suppose.

Ok, so lets say you've got some Riverstone load-balancers and you're moving over to F5 LTMs... here is a script that may or may not work for you to create a bigip.conf file. Oh, and since Riverstone kinda sucks and it can be difficult to remove load-balance groups without botching the config, here is a command line tool to give you a copy-and-paste template that should work. Oh, and lets say you want to build a graphviz drawing of your multiple sites of Riverstone load-balancers, you could use my little program to create a .dot file to visualize it.

Here is a really lame command line tool that asks you some information about how much your net worth is, what you think your savings rate, growth rate, and inflation rate will be... then it asks you how much money you'd like to retire and it tells you when you can retire. It's kinda silly, you could do the same thing in a few minutes with MS Excel.

So lets say you are like I used to be and you have your own personal LDAP directory for storing your contacts in - you know, because people do that. And then lets say that you have a server that runs spamassassin to block spam and you want to make sure to automatically whitelist anybody who is in your LDAP directory. Here is a script that can do that. Again, this is just disposable perl.

Logging into Cisco routers with telnet and changing a few things can be easy. Here you go.

Ok, that's all for now. More tomorrow.

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