Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Too Common

So I turned on my Windows XP machine. It's so sweet since I got my GeForce 7900 and I overclocked my Pentium D. I've got it all set up with Spybot Search and Destroy, Microsoft Defender, and Ad Aware and I also run Norton Anti-Virus so I know I'm safe. Anyway, so I was looking for a way to get the latest version of Dreamweaver 8. I got it a few times in the past, but I never really got around to making a web page, but hopefully this new version will motivate me. Anyway, so you know that junk is mad expensive right - man. So I was talking to a friend of my uncle, and he was like "oh man, I could get that for you, I'll burn you a CD". So like he burned me this CD and I went to install it, but for some reason whenever I'd double click on setup.exe nothing would happen, but then I couldn't right-click until I rebooted. I figured that was probably just a wack version, so I fired up my trusty Internet Explorer. Oh, as a quick tangent - I totally have my IE hooked up sweet. I got these popup blockers from my ISP and I followed these instructions on how to disable ActiveX - but actually I normally turn that back on cuz I need it for Windows update and also for some reason I can't play some Windows Media files on some web pages without it. So right - like I'm in IE and I do a search for Kazaa Lite using MSN search. Kazaa lite is the good version to use because the main version has crazy spyware stuff. From the search I actually ended up finding a few more programs that I tried out for P2P... like 6 of them. My system tray down by my clock is so funny, cuz each time I install a program it puts an icon down in the system tray. Most of those are so the programs will run quicker, but it's so hilarious you know because I really don't run any of those. Anyway, Windows XP rocks because it hides those icons, and the unused icons on my desktop from old installs. Actually, all those installs put tons of stuff in my start menu. So I totally got the new google desktop search. It helps me find some of those programs I couldn't find otherwise. I dunno man, its like even though I have a fast machine I really need to do another re-install of Windows, you know, because it gets all crufty after a while. I haven't re-installed in probably like 4 months, but I normally try to do it every three - for some reason when I run Word it becomes full-screen, has no toolbars, and doesn't let me close it - so you know it's time for a re-install. So I was going to go get Dreamweaver once I got all my P2P apps installed, but then I ended up playing some World of Warcraft. My druid has got mad skillz yo. I totally met this chick on there that digs me.


  1. Yo yo -- I've got Dreamweaver 8 if you want to "borrow permanently".

  2. that my friends was a parody, showing a ficticious example of a typical gamer/windows "power user" who simply refuses to think different. machines that need to be re-installed, and patched with a half-dozen third party apps just to avoid obliteration in less than a year are anything but "sweet". when it's not only typical but expected for programs you install to crush your computer like kudzu, something is quite broken. the point of course is that people will put up with nearly anything and somehow still be stoked about it - a point of view that goes right over my head.