Monday, March 20, 2006

March Resolutions

I bitch alot about corporate dishonesty. From Sony with their evil root-kit fiasco to Cingular with their rebates - I really would like these companies to straighten up. So rather than bitching, I thought I'd start with what I can control, myself. I will not purchase any Sony products because they've been evil bastards lately. I will not buy any CDs produced or promoted by a major RIAA member label. I will not buy a product with a mail-in rebate because the company wants to make me spend more in effort to get the rebate than it costs them to pay it.


  1. Will download media from people who are involved in the RIAA or other DRM stuff?
    How do you feel about the France vs. Apple situation? From what I can tell, the basis of that fight is that France is saying NO to DRM from Apple. Apple is likely to close thier French Itunes store, rather than give in. Are you going to be boycotting all apple products? I suppose that apple has not quite hit the "Evils" of Sony - and they are not completely in bed with the RIAA - but I think that they are definitely a player in the game... Thoughts?

  2. whoa, you've done a complete 180 on the rebate situation... didn't realize you had been pushed to the brink. what did you in? the fact that cingular sent you your hard-fought rebate on a freaking credit card?

  3. I may or may not download content that ties back to the RIAA... actually I likely will. I did however think about writing that I would not go to a major motion picture - then I wasn't sure if I'd follow through with that one.

    France versus Apple to me is sorta boring. Its trivial to rip the DRM off the iTunes music, and I doubt Apple will make changes for a market as small as France when it risks their critical deals with record labels and media providers. I can make content I download from iTunes available on any media player - it's just a bit of a pain. I certainly agree in fair use, and playing content you purchased a copy of on whatever player you have would be fair, but I think Apple should be able to provide whatever they want - if Frenchis don't dig on it, don't buy it. Sure, Apple plays some dirty pool just like the rest of them, but the difference with Apple is that they consistently come out with new and innovative products. I suppose Sony does innovate as well. It's really the protectionism and resistance to adapting to the world I have a problem with.

  4. Yeah, the credit card was ab-friggin-surd. Maybe they could have given me a coupon for another mail-in rebate as the rebate to the first rebate. That would be great.