Monday, February 6, 2006

Better than Solid State and BeOS

NovellDon't even read this posting. Just watch the videos. Watch them over and over in VLC or MPlayer or something like that. They work in quicktime on my system but your mileage may vary. Just fucking get VLC and watch and rewatch these videos:


The better part of a year ago I blogged about luminocity , which is as I understand it the development branch of metacity that is mostly worked on by Red Hat employees. Around the same time we started hearing about XGL, which promised to bring many of the eye candy of OS X to the Linux world. Some people may wonder how gratuitous transparency and wobbly windows help us get work done. Forget those people. Do you ask how a hot girl would help make babies? Do you ask if the sports car you dream about would be practical? Some things are just about sexyness - and this is pure hot dorky lust. My boys over at Novell are bringing something exciting to the boring world of desktop linux, an I applaude them. (full disclosure - I am a Novell Stockholder)

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  1. There is some pretty cool stuff going on there... Not quite sure that what I see there is going to be enough to convert people. Did you hear that Argentina is going totally opensource for Government applications? Apparently a lot of other South American countries are poised to take the same stance. Who'd a thunk it? South America leading the way in the technological revolution.