Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Swap a paperclip for a house

This bloke started out in july with a red paperclip that he swapped for a pen. He swapped the pen for a door handle. He plans to continue this chain of trades until he can acquire a house or an island. HeĆ¢��s documenting it on this blog.

What a great example of wealth-building through trade. This should be mandatory reading for all Econ 101 students around the country. By simply making individual mutually-beneficial trades, this dude hopes to eventually turn a red paperclip into a house. He'll be able to do it too, and so could you... except trading in currency is normally a bit easier than the barter system. Microeconomics rocks.

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  1. i think i told you about this, but i once did something similar through my church youth group. it only lasted for a day, but several different teams went out, armed only with a penny and the request to trade it for something bigger and better. we pretty much managed to furnish our entire lounge at church, since most people came back with chairs, couches, etc. our team came back with a birdhouse, i believe. we were well on our way to furniture as well, until one girl was trying to provide suggestions of good trades, and she offered up soup as an example. soup was DEFINITELY NOT a good trade, and in fact was not bigger OR better than what we already had. i'm still bitter about this.

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  3. No, I don't block Opera at all. Recent versions of Opera made the brilliant move of setting their user-agent string to MSIE rather than identifying themselves as Opera. A simple checkbox under the preferences will correct this.