Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Attack of the Killer Peppers


Originally uploaded by ryanmshea.

I really don't have enough experience with gardening to know how unusual this is, but my tiny little garden is reaching gargantuan proportions. The tomato plant (yes its a single plant) in the back is taller than my fence and taller than me. The silver thing in the picture is a yard stick to give you an idea. This morning I looked out and saw a cardinal perched in one of my pepper plants - is that normal?

Unfortunately there are only a couple tomatoes on the vine right now. The peppers however are coming in quite strong, with cayanne and habenero representing hard core. I'll have quite a bit of pickling to do soon.


  1. Okay. That is both normal, and very cool. And now that you know he likes tomatoe plants... oh, wait. Just re-read the blog entry. I thought it was in the tomatoe plant. If that cardinal was actually in the pepper plant, I would get the hell out of dodge if I was you. A cardinal if this type perched in a pepper plant is obviously up to no good. This is a nefarious bird my friend, and this is a bad omen. Strange things are afoot. This is not normal.

  2. I like the mascot cardinal. Just the idea of that dude in a bird suit chilling in Ryan's garden is too funny. The religious cardinal is also funny, but you aren't suppose to laugh at religion. god says so.

  3. yes. religion is very serious stuff. laugh free zone. unless somebody farts in church - then all bets are off.

  4. Yes, but that his where the term "blasphemy" comes from. Anyone farts in god's house, there's hell to pay. That, incidentally, is where the stereotype of the anal retentive godfearing church-goer comes from. And don't think you can just slip a silent one through and then act all shocked by the smell like everyone else... you might fool the average churchy - but god can track those farts down. God knows who farted. God always knows who farted.

  5. I must say that one of my most fondest memories of going to church was the one day this old lady tooted in the pew behind me. I laughed so hard inside it hurt. Gave new meaning to the concept of "pews." She was so dignified about it or maybe she just didnt care. Ah to be old and care free.