Thursday, June 23, 2005

You're not the boss of me

Having done my part to positivly promote the adoption of Firefox, I've decided to make a tiny change to my .htaccess for IE will hose up your computer, but worse - if you get infected with the viruses and spambots that are spreading these days you'll infect others. No more IE visiting muppethouse please. My mission will be accomplished if one person downloads Firefox because of this.


  1. So if someone tries to go to your site using IE they'll be blocked? Does this apply for my website too (since it really is part of muppethouse).

    Just wondering!

    (I'm writing this comment from the happy Firefox browser. :))

  2. nope, just my www site.

  3. It just says forbidden. You know, you might put a replacment page up to tell them "this site is only accessable using the best damn browser out there - Firefox" Get it, and come back .


  4. I tried for about 5 minutes but then I got bored. The problem is when you set up the .htaccess to send all user-agents with a string of MSIE to a FORBIDDEN page, go figure, pages are forbidden. Therefore the custom forbidden page I made was... you guessed it - forbidden. Although I'm certain there is a way around this, I just don't give a damn.

  5. Perhaps a redirect to a forbidden page outside of the www directory that you locked out? Just a thought... and one that I am sure you had either before or after deciding that you 'just don't give a damn'.

    I find this whole thing very amusing.

  6. Hmm, so far nobody has complained about the blockage. I'm actually rather surprised. I expected an IM here or there telling me that muppethouse was broken, but nobody seems to care. Maybe that is a good thing.

  7. Hello,

    I tried to access your site and got a forbidden message.

    Burn down Bill's Empire! Burn burn burn! Boycott the xbox 360 unless you plan to hack it out of principle - the ps3 is much cooler anyways, and cooler than that is the neo-geo

    I love the icon in the lower right - I want to be IE noncompliant too