Thursday, December 16, 2004

Commander Salamander

28-year-old Salamander

So I did a google search for "28 years old" since I'll be turning 28 years old tomorrow and I came across this story of a salamander. It's insane that a tiny little animal could live so long - yet at the same time it's an amazingly boring story.

Come join me tomorrow night at UNOs in Reston, and then Carpool in Herndon for action packed birthday fun. I'm probably heading out there around 8PM so be there fool!


  1. Your birthday huh! Well, happy birthday! I'll be 27 next week myself. I was going to to send you and Stacey a Christmas card, but I don't know your new address. I could have asked. IF I did send you one, you probably say thank you and then just blow it by saying two half assed remarks on why it's such a crappy thing it is to send Christmas cards.

  2. congrats on becoming 27 crispini. my address is 288 Chelmsford Ct. Sterling VA, 20165 - same as last year. I knew you would send a card if I gave you my address. I knew I would not send anyone a card. I knew if/when I got one I would put the card on a table where I would likely forget about it until Febuary.

  3. I have a tiny headache and am ready for b-day fun. Can I leave work now?? ;)

    I put my card on my entertainment center. It is accompained by the one from my mom and the one from my grandma. That's right this year I got 3 Christmas cards. Maybe tomorrow I'll get a couple more at the par-tay.

  4. Greetings from Miami.
    Did you know the website leads to yours? Just an FYI. I was testing out my local network with the URL. Have a nice life!

    -Regards, Andrew

  5. Ryan, I'm sorry I suck so much and didn't say Happy Belated on Sat. - I should have read your blog and known that your birthday was the day before. I SUCK!!!!!

    Thanks for the kickass-looking wine. I will have a get together soon in Alexandria and we can drink it and watch any DVDs that ppl get for Xmas (we can start w/ 'Badassss' and Margaret's Secret Service DVD).

    I have now added your Bday to the Bermuda Triangle that is my Putty address book.