Wednesday, October 6, 2004

It Just Got Smaller

So last night when I got home I thought I'd actually watch some TV. I synchronize my TiVo with my computer, so I can just double click my way to a commercial-filled wonderland of prime time. A horrid noise came from my firewire drive enclosure as the drive started to spin up... hmm, not good. So it's dead. I lost some movies. I lost the TiVo dupe - but all in all that was about the best drive to lose if I have to lose one. A quick manufacturer warrantee check showed that it expired in April - crap. This puts me below a terrabyte I believe - I guess it's time to get more efficient with my space and I think I can fit everything nicely.

For your viewing pleaseure there are new pictures up on the pictures page (click above) for Erik's party, workin on my house, our trip to Annapolis, and Labor Day weekend.


  1. Did you read Marty's blog? Apparently his TiVo died last night!! It's a sad and cruel world for poor little TiVos all around the world.

  2. Damn - hard drives are dying everywhere. Wesley had it right when he cried out for solid state. Moving parts -> broken. Given the abuse my TiVo hard drive has thrown its way it's a wonder mine is not broken yet.